The Big Three

Yesterday I finally purchased the last of the Big Three (tent, sleeping bag, backpack):


image courtesy of

This is the Exos 58 by Osprey. Like the gear that will be inside it, this weighs roughly ONE THIRD of my previous backpack! Unbelievable.

I’ll do a YouTube video this week of everything I’m putting in my pack (except food, which I haven’t planned out yet).

Update: The cat food can stove is coming soon … just waiting for one of the cans to arrive that my brother-in-law cut for me. I’ll make a video about how I built that as well, along with a flame test video during which I will probably set myself on fire. (I didn’t get the nickname “Mr. Safety” for nothing, ya know!)


2 thoughts on “The Big Three

  1. Hi , I just found your blog- I love reading the trails logs of the AT and PCT that start up as this time of year- it looks to be an awesome adventure you are about to embark on. You’ll love the pack- I have the exos 48 and have no complaints. I like that there is a whistle built in to the strap and the on-the-go poles stowage system. Fantastic pack.
    Good luck in your trip.


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